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Jim Donaghy

The Little Wooden Hut

The granite brick façade

The Mc Henry called

The day the cat had

                Kittens in the yard

The day the fire broke out

The day my hair turned white

The day my wife found out

The day the gin ran out

The day the sun came out


The day I wore

                My yellow tie

And found myself

                Alone at last


In a little wooden hut

                Beside the sea.


©Jim Donaghy 2013




I once had dreams

Of being famous


Painting portraits

Of her highness


Capturing all her

Pomp and fineness


On a splendid

Gold framed



Humbly knighted

For my deeds


But now alas

I must confess


That failure

Is my lonely



My paintings

Hang beside

My bed


Fruit and roses

On a dish


And a portrait

Of a frozen



But my favourite


Yes the one propped

Up beside my bed


Is a portrait of her

Royal highness


Capturing all her

Pomp and fineness


Copied from a

Postage stamp.


©Jim Donaghy 2013

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